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Book front cover (2016 1st edition) image by Richard Keith Wolff

Book illustration

Richard Keith Wolff's images have been included in the following books & booklets
Presidents’ Portraits, by Helen Sapper, Royal College of General Practitioners.
“Hendrix at Home: A Bluesman in Mayfair” by Christian Lloyd, book front cover ( 2016 1st edition).
British Association of Illustrators 6TH Annual (book).
Design For The Changing Educational Landscape: Space, Place and The Future of Learning. Book by Andrew Harrison & Les Hutton. Published by Routledge.
SETTING the SCENE: The Art and Evolution of Animation Layout, author Fraser Maclean
Sotheby's Catalogue, London 21-22 July 1992.
STOP THE WAR: A graphic History (book) 2011.
Sound & Vision, Cancer Research, 2006 programme.
Royal Mail Olympic & Paralympic Games London 2012 booklet.
British Films 1980-81, Arts Council booklet for Festival de Cannes.