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Films produced & directed by Richard Keith Wolff

STILL LIFE. (1980)(35mm) photography by Richard Wolff. narrated by Gary Bond. music by Laurie Scott-Baker. edited by Terry Brown. Written, designed, animated, & directed by Richard Keith Wolff. Cannon-Gala Film Distributors. International Film Programmes USA. Selected as an outstanding film of the year London Film Festival.

FIRST SIGHT. (1983)(35mm) photography by Richard Wolff. music John Whitehall. voiced by Phyllis April King, Matthew Guinness and Sally Grace. edited by Charlotte Evans, animated and directed by: Richard Keith Wolff. Cannon-Gala Film Distributors.

FREEDOM DANCING (1985)(35mm). Guitar by Paco Peña. Narrated by Ian Holm, designed & directed by: Richard Keith Wolff. B.B.C.2. Connoisseur Films. Icelandic State Broadcasting

TELEPATHY (1987)(35mm) photography by Richard Wolff. Music & Voice by Steve Parsons. Directed by: Richard Keith Wolff. Los Angeles International Animation Celebration.

BUDDY BOY BLUE. (1988)(35mm)(concept animatic). Photography by Richard Wolff, music Steve Parsons, lyrics Ric Wolff, designed by Len Lewis, Monica Herman, Andrew Barrass and Richard Wolff, concept by Richard Keith Wolff. Edinburgh International Film Festival 1990.

THEODORE’S SECTRET LIFE.(1993)(16mm) photography by Richard Keith Wolff, music by John Whitehall, alto sax performed by Bob Flagg, Theodore played by Bob Flagg, directed by Richard Keith Wolff. Clapham & Battersea Film Festival, London.

Prints of the above films Titles are part of the Paul Getty Jnr Conservation Centre Collection, British Film Institute, National Archive.

Films directed by Richard Keith Wolff

CRASH (1968); Falcon Films; Produced by Susan Patrick; Directed by Richard Wolff; Photography by Richard Wolff; Written and Edited by Richard Wolff; cast: Susan Patrick, Mrs. F.R. Thom, Nancy Patrick, Richard Wolff; Super-8, Silent, 15 minutes, Made in Montreal, Canada

ACHE (1969); The London Film School, LFS; formerly: The London School of Film Technique, Director: Richard Wolff; Lighting: Cyrus Block; Sound: Alick Hale-Monro; Cast: Gale Tattersall;
1 min, 16mm

Assistant Director Richard Keith Wolff

VALUE FOR MONEY (1970) Production Company: British Film Institute Production Board, Director: David Blest; Director of Photography: Gale Tattersall; Producer: Franc Roddam; Assistant Director: Richard Keith Wolff; Cast Members: Quentin Crisp, Elizabeth Mellor, Kenneth Seeger, John Donaldson; Location: Aldeburgh, 35mm B&W Film, Running time: 40.0 mins,