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Richard Keith Wolff portrait by Vernon Dewhurst

Brief biographic information

Richard Wolff's photographic work has ranged from portraits of artists, filmmakers, musicians, authors, animators, actors, comedians, politicians, and campaigners. He has taken an interest in the peace movement that’s message needs more attention he suggests. However his visual inspiration in the medium extends to the enigmatic, the subtle effects found in light and nature.

Previously Richard Wolff ran his own animation camera studio in London, 'Richard Wolff Cameras' aka 'Wolff Productions', where he was a 'rostrum cameraman' (a specialised form of photography and visual effects for animation cartoons) working on commercials for television & cinema, music promos, concert effects, short films and feature films for other production companies. At Wolff Productions, Richard Wolff also produced, directed and designed a number of groundbreaking independent short films.

In 1997 Warner Bros. Feature Animation relocated Richard Wolff from London to Los Angeles to work in its camera department on two feature films, ‘Quest for Camelot’ (1998), and ‘The Iron Giant’ (1999). He worked in California for three years for both Warner Bros. and later for other production companies. He worked on the first season on the TV show Futurama, as a 2D digital computer compositor.

When he returned to London after completing a number of animation and film assignments in the area of digital computer Imaging, he returned his attention back to stills photography, still images and writing.

Richard Keith Wolff was educated at, Byam Shaw School of Art, and the, London Film School.